BUA posed
The meticulous proofing process and BUA’s attention to detail ensure this print reproduction maintains beautiful colors and faithfulness to the original work of art. To maintain the best quality each piece is printed on archival, acid free, heavyweight fine art rag paper using the highest quality Archival Inks. Each work comes hand signed by BUA himself to ensure authenticity.


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BUA posed Snoop Dogg like a general in the army.  Like the great Neo-classicist painter Jacques Louis David painting of Napoleon Bonaparte BUA portrays Snoop with one hand inserted in his pocket as a sign of power and austerity. But unlike David BUA does it an ironic way.  Napoleons need to assert himself as a egotistical powerful man is clearly to cover up his napoleonic complex. However, Snoop feels confidant, tall and proud as he slowly reaches for his gat. Staged in Inglewood California with a backdrop of downtown LA. We see graffiti on the walls, laundry drying in the dusty sunset, and a dilapidated suburban landscape. Snoop stands probably in the foreground as if he prepares for his next conquest in his Doggy Dog life.

Snoop will be shipped to you hand signed, printed on archival heavyweight fine art rag paper with archival inks.

Excerpt from BUA:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   With Snoop there are no limitations or boundaries. Snoop Dogg can do everything and anything he wants as if he is almost above and beyond the law.One day he's a soccer dad the next day he's spitting Gansta rap in lyrical cyphers. The next day he is in a rated G movie and days later he's on trail for murder. For anyone else in the world they would be ridiculed for their moral contradictions but somehow and someway he is adored by white soccer moms and thugs alike. He can do no wrong because he is the a epitome of cool. 

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