Art Attack


with Art Historian Lizy Dastin and Artist Justin BUA
      Art Attack with Lizy Dastin and Justin BUA is a new kind of art podcast—engaging, informed, accessible and raw. Join artist BUA and art historian Lizy as they debate topical artworld happenings, bringing their unique—often contradictory—perspectives to the conversation. BUA is an internationally distinguished painter, tv personality, writer, entrepreneur and teacher. Lizy Dastin is an Art History instructor at UCLAx and Santa Monica College with a focus on contemporary art and urban practice. Click the link below to listen on iTunes platform.

BUA's Top 5

 Street Art Versus Graffiti

 Rockwell, Americana Superstar

 Rembrandt van Rockstar

 Drugs: High Art, High

 The Legendary Ninja Turtles

Lizy's top 5

 That's so LA

 A Tender Assault to the Streets

 Performance Art: A Revelation or a Sham?

 Delightfully Dotty Yayoi Kusama

 Who's Your Dada?