Dragon Eyes
Dragon Eyes

Dragon Eyes

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BUA painted this masterpiece in acrylics and it was used as the official 75th anniversary painting for Bruce Lee’s birthday.  Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shanda Lee, and BUA signed 75 paintings in his honor.

Dragon Eyes will be shipped to you hand signed and numbered, printed on archival heavyweight fine art rag paper with archival inks.

Excerpt from BUA:

When I was a kid I used to take the train in NYC down to 42nd St. and Times Square, just so I could catch the latest Bruce Lee movie. Enter the Dragon and Game of Death were my favorite. I must have seen those two movies a hundred times. Bruce was the epitome of cool, calm, and spiritually collected while still being the baddest Martial Arts Master EVER! I would sit in the theater, take out my sketch book and draw Bruce in different wild and crazy poses. For me, painting one of my childhood idols was a dream come true. I feel like Bruce Lee inspired rap groups like Wu Tang, B-Boys and DJ's alike.

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