King Of Pop

King Of Pop

The meticulous proofing process and BUA’s attention to detail ensure this print reproduction maintains beautiful colors and faithfulness to the original work of art. To maintain the best quality each piece is printed on archival, acid free, heavyweight fine art rag paper using the highest quality Archival Inks. Each work comes hand signed by BUA himself to ensure authenticity.


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In 1983, Michael Jackson performed "Bille Jean" at the Grammy Awards show. His performance was a seminal moment not only for me, but also for the hip-hop community at large. That night Jackson brought street dance, including moves like the "camel alk" and the strut," to mainstream America. It also marked his first time Jackson publicly performed the "backslide" or what the media called the "moonwalk." That moonwalk forever altered hip-hop as well as the future of dance and pop culture.

King Of Pop will be shipped to you hand signed and numbered, printed on archival heavyweight fine art rag paper with archival inks.

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