The Greatest Gold Leaf Variant

The Greatest Gold Leaf Variant

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On October 30, 1974 former Champion Muhammad Ali squared off against World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman in the historic boxing match referred to as "The Rumble In The Jungle." Ali was a fast-talking, lightning-wit loudmouth who took on superhuman battles and taught an entire generation how to use love, creativity, MC-style battling, self-aggrandizement, intellect, and sense of humor to triumph over haters. His dance between imagination and domination paralleled the original tenets of the hip-hop founders. Ali embodied all of the qualities that the hip-hop culture later adopted as its own. But Ali laid the foundation; everyone watched him and took a page from his book to write their own.

The Greatest Gold Leaf Variant will be shipped to you hand signed and numbered, printed on canvas with archival inks and real 24K gold leaf hand-embellishments.

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