Exclusive BUA x MOVA globe release 2023

Turns using ambient light

Introducing the BUA DJ MOVA Globe, a stunning fusion of street art and modern technology that’s perfect for music lovers and urban art enthusiasts alike. This original, one-of-a-kind globe features BUA’s signature hip-hop DJ, turntables, and headphones set against a vibrant cityscape.

Hidden magnets provide movement

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Keri Freeman - Downtown Weekly LA

Embodying the conceptional wisdom of light logic, value, color, and design. Add the fact that BUA is ambidextrous and draws with both hands simultaneously

- Grandmaster Caz

BUA is the next level in the documentation of reinterpretation of Hip Hop culture. His vision is like a telescope into the hearts and minds of our generation."


Justin BUA does for hip hop what Michelangelo did for the Renaissance-he visually documents our era's philosophies, ideologies, and culture, so we can remember and others can learn."

- Aaron McGrudder (Creator of The Boondocks)

BUA's art achieves its universal appeal in the way of most great artists, through impeccable craftsmanship and an understanding of the discipline of drawing and painting that very few possess."


BUA's work captures the creativity and humanity of towering figures in contemporary culture."

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