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justin bua - award-winning artist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur


Arts Unknown

Arts Unknown takes the viewer into the depths of underground Art and culture. But Arts Unknown is more than a show about the deep Arts. Arts Unknown introduces us to the inner working of artists, environments and culture you would'nt have known existed.  As a fly on the wall BUA will take you on a trip to forbidden places that only BUA has access to. Artist Justin BUA takes our minds into the hidden lives and works of artists both dead and living. He shines light into the dark graffitti crevices and taboo worlds of art to illuminate some of the greatest artistic treasures the world has ever seen. 




Check out the latest and greatest with all the years festive and fun mCnutty BUA Events. Each year BUA travels the world to meet YOU. Make sure to stay up to date as he does his "Art For The People" Show. BUA hits the road offering works for ridonculuously low prices... Stay tuned. Stay woke.



Hi on Paint

Hi on paint is a blend of Zach Galifianakis' "Between Two Ferns" and Bob Ross's "The Joy of Painting". Each episode Artist, Justin BUA takes the viewer into the forbidden mind of the artist by teaching the audience a step by step of how to paint and draw. Each week a different celebrity guest joins BUA to "paint along". Manny Danger, the musical drumming sidekick, joins BUA in all the Tomfooleries and hi jinx as he matches the attitude and psychotic tone with his drum beating BAMS.




Step into BUA's world as he writes about growing up during the birth of hip hop culture. These books will be your conductor into BUA's wild and wonderful imagination as he chronicles the burgeoning of the greatest sub culture in American History.



BUA Inc.

When I’m asked to describe Justin BUA’s art, I think of Ralph Steadman colliding with Ernie Barnes. He’s very now and very rooted in the modern urban tradition. Check him out!

BUA Inc.

BUA’s power as an artist stems from his ability to make us relate to what is universal–regardless of our ethnicity or cultural upbringing. His work is about ONENESS, guiding us to transcend boundaries and celebrate what moves everyone- passion, emotion, and love. BUA’s world is a community everyone belongs to. Tony and I have been huge fans of BUA's for years, and now we are proud collectors. We saw this book in the making and are thrilled it’s finally out. 

BUA Inc.
DJ QBERT, Thud Rumble and Invisible Scratch Pickles

BUA's work moves me on a level that no other art has before. His hard work and dedication have taught me a lot about the discipline it takes to be a great artist. He inspires me to explore the unchallenged obstacles in scratching. BUA's art is a lesson to all: whatever art you choose to practice, learn both the technical and creative sides—don't try to skip the basics or like BUA says, 'Don't avoid drawing the hands and feet!'