BUA APPAREL is born from ideas of strength, unity, and artistic integrity. We are what we wear, represent, and share with BUA.


Rock the Bells, in collaboration with Justin BUA, has revealed a new streetwear collection bringing Hip-Hop culture and community narratives via graffiti-inspired designs.


NIKE collaborated with BUA to create a limited-edition T-shirt for Lebron James dry fit collection. The product was available for sale at NIKE and various retail locations throughout the U.S. The collection sold out. BUA’s work successfully translates to the fashion and apparel industry.


Throwing things back to when the BUA limited edition line with PF Flyers sold out!

THE DJ, along with THE MC, and THE BALLER, were amongst the BUA characters who made the collection such a hit! Some of the same characters that now be found as 3D statue collectibles.

Full circle. Timeless. Adapt to the times and keep creating!

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