BUAbundance - The Hustle of Art
December 18th
DON'T MISS OUT! RSVP NOW to an exclusive live event featuring world renowned, urban artist, Justin BUA, who will be offering an abundance of value packed information regarding the business of art and unlocking creativity.

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Business of Art 
Utilizing imagination 
 Unlocking Inner Creativity 
Methods of Focus 
Establishing Your Brand
 Intimate Q&A Session

About BUA 

BUA's work is unmistakable.The 53-year-old artist has an uncanny knack of not only making his work feel nostalgic, but also that it's brimming with youthful energy. His most ubiquitous work, The DJ, has sold over 13 million copies to date. While the artist cracks, "But who's really counting," the sheer amount of prints he's moved is quite staggering. For context, that 13 million is larger than the countries of Ireland, New Zealand, and Uruguay...combined."I just feel like I was at the right place at the right time," he says. "When I did it, everybody said, 'That's a terrible idea. Don't even do it.'"BUA's journey from a single parent household near Rocksteady Park – to internationally recognized artist — is one that speaks to an intoxication with Hip-Hop which he says began when he was still a pre-teen.

Credit: Rock the Bells / Alec Banks