BUA’s dynamic and evocative paintings have transcended the perceived boundaries between style and genre; and between fine art and street art. Now in 2022, BUA has unveiled a new series of deluxe limited edition statues, developed through a collaborative partnership with award-winning creative studio and collectibles company, Sideshow.  The four Elements of Hip Hop - The Artist, The MC, The DJ, and the B-Bo are physical representations of the heroes of Hip Hop.  "These archetypes embody the pride that I have for this music, this art, and this community - and now, for the first time ever, the icons that I painted are being re-born in three dimensions." ~ BUA

The DJ

'The DJ' is a classic signature BUA piece. This classic urban art painting has sold more prints than any other print in modern art history, and remains one of the most omnipresent and popular paintings of all time. 

The DJ spins his classic, Hip Hop vinyl into the midnight hours. He doesn't do it for the fame or fortune but for the love of music. He spends his days digging into the crates at old school record stores and his nights practicing his Turntablism-- scratching, beat juggling and cutting it up. Equipped with his two turntables and his DJ mixer. He is a master on the wheels of steel. He is also ethnically ambiguous paying homage to all the pioneers of the culture from OG's like Grandmaster Flash, Grandmaster Caz, DJ Cash Money, DJ Hollywood, Grand Mixer DXT, DJ Red Alert, to scratch masters like Invisibl Skratch Piklz DJ Q Bert, A-Trak, Mix Master Mike, DJ Flare, Shortkut, Z-trip, Cut Chemist and many many more.