Red White And Jimi

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Jimi Hendrix is one of my all time favorite guitar players; He not only played the guitar upside down, he also made up a new style with weird sounds at the same time. He changed the rock-n-roll scene in so many ways that I feel that many guitar players are still trying to catch up till this day.

Red White And Jimi will be shipped to you hand-signed. BUA's meticulous proofing process and attention to detail ensure this print reproduction maintains beautiful colors and faithfulness to the original work of art.

Premium Archival Matte Paper is a smooth, neutral-white, matte paper. The paper supports accurate color reproduction and high-contrast, high-resolution output, and is acid-free for a longer print life with pigment inks. It features a heavyweight (230 gsm), and an instant-dry coating that resists fingerprints and smudging.

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