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Snoop LBC

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"Snoop LBC" features The Doggfather proudly watching over his domain and welcoming you to the LBC with his blue flag hangin' out the left side. Snoop has no limitations or boundaries. Snoop Snoop Doggcan do everything and anything he wants, as if he is almost above and beyond the law. One day he's a soccer dad the following day he's spitting gangsta rap in lyrical cyphers, and the next day he is in a rated G movie while simultaneously appearing in court on murder charges. For anyone else in the world they would be ridiculed for their moral contradictions, but somehow and someway he is adored by white soccer moms and thugs alike. He can do no wrong because he is the epitome of cool. 

Snoop LBC will be shipped to you hand embossed & numbered, printed on archival heavyweight fine art rag paper with archival inks.

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